Slammed x VW Loosenuts

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We teamed up with Jeremy from VW Loosenuts.

The Dirty Pickle is a 1956 oval custom built by VW LooseNuts. suspension is a Punchdrunk custom 4" narrowed adjustable beam. Drop spindles and lengthened beam arms by 1-1/8" rear is on VW LooseNuts notched extended spring plates. Set at 2 outer splines and 1 inner spline adjustment. Motor is a stock 36 HP Okrase Motor. Custom built front and rear safaris and custom make sidepopout windows by VW LooseNuts with Randar Wheels super latches. the car has been featured in 4 different magazines; Ultra VW, VW Depo, Vw Australia magazine and VolksAmerica Magazine.

The company VW LooseNuts was founded in 2010 as a personal custom shop building oldschool VW’s it morphed into a safari busyness wan I realized I was to cheap to buy something and figured with my knowledge and skill set I could make it myself. So I made a couple front safaris for myself and found I had a ton of interest from people wanting them. So I refined my set up and build one for my best friend David Ayres. Once that one hit the internet my safaris have spread like wildfire. I ship world wide and have many on every corner of the globe. Please visit

Slammed gear is custom made for you. It takes some weeks to produce and ship. Please wait for it, it will arrive.

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€ 24,95

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