'64 Love, Live, Slam

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Jannie's 1964 VW Deluxe Beetle by JVR Kustoms & Classics

Factory exterior colour with red & with Factory Interior.
Continentel 195/50/15' back & front on EMPI Raiders
3 inch narrowed beam with custom adjusters (built by myself)
Custom double adjustable springplates extended 1inch to cancel out toe in issues of rear wheels
AS 1600 gearbox connected to an AS41 magnesium Mexico casing with 1700 engine parts.
Custom exhaust pipes
Drivetrain raised by 4inches to cancel out any camber rear wheels might get when car is slammed.
Rear floor section raised & hinged for easy access to rear mechanical components.
Main floor raised 2inches.
Gearlinkage custom made but looks stock to the untrained eye with shortshift kit on gearlever which is also shifted 3inches back.
Engine decklid hinges customised to allow for raised drivetrain.
Rear valance has been modified & can be bolted out for easy access.
Car has undergone a bolt & nut restoration.
Raised drivetrain was inspired by Cory & Andy Vaughn of Hickory, USA. Friends of mine who's been building custom cars since their teenage years back in the '60's.
JVR Kustoms & Classics - Jannie van Rhyn specialise in restoration of old vehicles & building of kustom cars & aircooled VWs in Cape Town, South Africa 

Delivery can take up to 2 weeks, since Slammed gear is custommade, high quality and fitted to your needs.

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