'68 Cool red bug

€ 24,95 (without VAT 21%)
In stock
Product code 291-4045
Gross weight 0,40 Kg

This original 1200 cc Belgian 1968 bug is owned by Stijn. It is fully packed with the 'cool' factor. It now runs a 1600 cc and is lowered with spindles in front and 2 splines from behind. How cool you wanna get it?

On it's roofrack are stuffed a wholelottalot of goodies like a soda cooler, mini cycle and a surf board. A Thermador side cooler is finishing this job. Wanna look cool? Get yourself one of these!

Delivery can take up to 2 weeks (or longer) depending on your country since Slammed gear is custommade with high quality print and fitted to your needs.

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