'61 La Cholita

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Well, This bug is a 61a called La Cholita. Jimmy  bought it as a big project 1,5 years ago, budget was tight but all his VW friends have helped with stuff he needed and parts that were missing like fenders, seats, hoods, It has a spraycan paint job that actualy doesn't look that bad at all, Montana 94 is the brand and Coffee Brown is the color and it´s a satin paint, and the wheels are painted in german army dunkel gelb. 205-65-15 in the back and 135-65-15 in the front. It´s dropped 2 innersplines in the back and stock front beam with lowering kit. Jimmy is cruisin' La Cholita on the Swedish roads.

 Visit www.rubnscrape.com for rubbin some tires and scrapin some metal. 

Slammed clothing is custom made to fulfill your wishes. Please give us 2 - 3 weeks to produce and ship. Depending on your country ofcourse. Thanks! 

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